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Trituration is a process of potentisation in which homeopathic medicines are prepared using a solid vehicle like sugar of milk in a systematic order according to the rules set in pharmacopoeia. At B.Jain Pharma we make sure that the medicines are of the highest quality and are made in accordance with the standards of homoeopathic pharmacopoeias.

The speciality of B.Jain’s Trituration Tablets:

  • Raw material procured from the original source of cultivation & reliable vendors.
  • The vehicle used (lactose) is of HMS grade, the finest lactose considered as best in the world.
  • Complete batch (1hour) trituration of repeated, grinding, mixing and scraping is performed to develop best in class triturations.
  • Mortar & pestle equipment used is of porcelain as in the time of Hahnemann.
  • Strict Quality Checks for all the test parameter for tablets.

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