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The Bio chemic therapy is the brain child of a German homoeopath, Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schussler. Schussler formulated the base for his tissue salts therapy on 2 contemporary scientific theories:

Rudolf Virchow’s theory of cellular pathology, according to which disease occurs when there is alteration in cells of the affected individual.
The derivations of Professor Moleschott, who found that “inorganic constituents of a cells affect the structure and vitality of Organs”
He added his concept “Restoration of the cell, and thereby of the body, will result from restoration of the deficit of the inorganic salts” to the above theories and in 1874, Schussler’s conclusions got structured in a book named “An abridged therapy based on physiology and cellular pathology” . After which, this theory appeared in “ The twelve tissue salts” by Dr. Hering and then in a book of same title by Boericke and Dewey.

The 12 mineral salts with their indications are:

Calcarea fluorica- Knots, kernels and hardened glands in the female breasts. Fissure of rectum, aching in the lumbar region. Nodes on the legs
Calcarea phosphorica – Glands inflamed and swollen.Pains worse at night. Retarded dentition
Calcarea sulphurica – Hastens suppuration. Tinea capitis. Gathered breasts. Boils.
Ferrum phosphorica – Bones inflamed. Feeling of sand in eyes. Burning sensation. Vomiting of blood and slime. Pain through sternum with cough.
Kali muriaticum – Eustachian tubes obstructed. Watery discharge from the nostrils. Ulcers in the mouth, on tonsils and in throat. Diphtheria. Catarrhal ophthalmia. Constipation. Sputa thick and tough. Rheumatism worse by motion. Ulcers on legs.
Kali phosphorica- Irritability. Fearfulness. Melancholic. Urgent desire to urinate. Cancrum oris. Early and profuse menstruation. Vertigo. Great exhaustion and prostration. Sciatica.
kali sulphuricum- Yellow coating on tongue. Cough worse at night. Suffocative feeling. Syphilis. Hoarseness worse toward evening. Chronic rheumatism of joints.
Magnesium phosphorica – An antispasmodic. Pains are relieved by warmth and pressure. It is of service in enteralgia and flatulent colic. It should be remembered in chorea, and contractions of a single muscle, and cramps, such as writers’ pains and violin players’ cramps.
Natrium muriaticum- Malnutrition and emaciation. Anaemia. Secretions of transparent, watery, coarse, frothy mucus. Hammering headache, generally worse in the morning. Itching eruption on margin of hair at the nape of neck. Sunstroke. Eyes-muscular asthenopia . Dry stool producing fissure, burning pain in the rectum.
Natrium phosphoricum- Yellow, creamy coating a the back part of the roof of the mouth and tongue. Crusta lactea. Jaundice. Diarrhoea caused by excess of acidity
Natrium sulphuricum- A dirty greenish-gray or greenish-brown coating on the root of the tongue and aggravation from lying on the left side. Suicidal tendency, must exercise restraint. Mental troubles arising from a fall or other injuries to the head. Asthma, worse every change to damp weather. Humid asthma.
Silicea – Hastens suppuration. Sweat of toes. Periosteal pains. Ulcers. Menses are associated with icy coldness over whole body and constipation and foetid footsweat.
Bjain biochemic tablets are prepared using finest quality HMS grade lactose and best quality salts which are procured from reliable vendors and chemical manufacturers. Every batch undergoes complete 1 hour trituration in a porcelain mortar and pestle following the original Hahnemanian procedure and all the steps of manufacturing are well documented. Strict quality checks for physical, chemical and microbiological standards are done before releasing any batch manufactured at the unit. Bjain tablets are fastest dissolving tablets with a standard dissolution time of 10-20 seconds for all tablets.

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