“I have been using your medicines since last one year . Quality of your medicine is really very good and are satisfactory.”

Dr. Tapan Kumar Das

“This is to certify that I used in my day to day practice the B.Jain medicines where I got really satisfactory result specially in Bio- chemic tablets. B.Jain’s Bio-chemic tablets are very soft and its efficacy an out standing quality than the other leading brand for the trade. B. Jain Mother tincture are also very good and have a very good droping system.”

Dr. K. Mondal

Since launching of B. Jain in medicine segment, quality conscious Homoeopaths are very jubilant and your team is no doubt under the leadership of Sri Arun Singh & Neeraj Srivastava representing emphatically to the company. I am sending this particular mail especially to let you know that OMEOCALCIUM & OMEOARTHRITIS are the two best products among the contemporary giving result as I found in my practice, if given in Osteoarthritis/Osteoporosis cases along with indicated Similimum for at least 5 to 6 months. As we know that these cases are not one day game to win, therefore you asked the physicians to continue patiently. They give proper nourishment to the bone tissues and repair by correcting metabolism and absorption, thus gives strength to skeleton. ”

Dr. V.K. Pandey

“I have used Omeo Arthritis and Omeo Asthma syrup pf B.Jain Pharmaceuticals .Both the products have given wonderful results in patients of joint complaints and patients of asthma without side effects.”

Dr.Gokul Vijay Desai

“I am using B.Jain Pharmaceuticals medicines since 1 year and they have given me satisfactory results.B.Jain Omeo Uterus syrup and B.Jain Omeo Calcium tablets have shown excellent results accordingly in cases of DUB, menopause and related complaints. Thanking you.”

Dr.Mrs.Nivedita Sunil Mandhare

“I have ben using B.Jain Pharmaceuticals Omeo Allergy tablets and Omeo Alfa-Ginseng syrup since last two months and have seen very good results with patient satisfaction. Omeo Allergy is a very good product for complaints due to allergic rhinitis and Omeo Alfa-Ginseng acts as very good appetizer.”

Dr.Swapnaja S.Bhor

 “I have been using Omeo Arthritis for the cases of osteoarthritis and has experienced reasonablly good results alongwith the use of Omeo Calcium especially in elderly patients”

Dr.Lakshman H. Doltade

“Omeo Arthritis syrup is a very good product for joint complaints and has shown very good results when used alongwith Omeo Calcium tablets.”

Dr. Arvind Kumar Gupta