About B Jain Pharmaceuticals

B Jain Pharmaceuticals is an Indian pharmaceutical company that has gained recognition for its contributions to the Homeopathic Industry. A good story changes the way you look at the world, and the story of B Jain Pharmaceutical’s establishment is a great one! It is one that goes back to 1967 when a visionary and hardworking Dr. P.N. Jain laid the foundation of an empire, which probably even he did not fathom would grow so enormously. The baton was carried forward by the next generation with diligence into exponential growth.

B Jain Pharmaceuticals is known for its commitment to quality and innovation in the production of homoeopathic remedies. With a strong emphasis on research and development, B Jain Pharmaceuticals strives to blend traditional homoeopathic practices with modern scientific advancements. We at B Jain Pharmaceuticals believe that there is nothing more important than good health.

We assure Quality, Safety and Consistency which makes us the most trusted and globally recognized Homoeopathic Pharmaceutical Company. The organization has been able to continually deliver high grade of products across countries in South East Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, Canada, China and many more. This has been possible due to its commitment towards staying true to the essence of Homoeopathy and strictly following the exquisite principles of potentization that bring the healing properties of remedies to light.

B Jain has taken special care to have the entire plant constructed as per current GMP norms. Strict cleanliness and access control is maintained in the sections where the medicines are prepared. We understand that good health is a matter of trust and transparency. This is why all potencies are made from our self-produced back potencies with records of the original mother tinctures along with their raw material available at hand. One of the best potentization machines is used for this that avoids manual errors by maintaining 99% calibration accuracy with consistent strokes of equal force each time.

Before the medicine production starts, the herbs have to go through the quality control section. The quality control conducts detailed standardization tests on them to identify and isolate adulterants. The special feature of B Jain Mother Tincture is 100 % of the correct herb being used and a process known as ageing. Ageing involves keeping the liquid unstirred and unmoved for certain number of days which is different for different herbs / products ranging from 10 days to 6 months. The highest quality mother tincture thus prepared forms the base for the dilutions made at B Jain. Taking the route forward, the group has diversified and evolved a new vertical of Personal Care Products under the brand name “Omeo” with the objective of delivering exceptional quality Self-care solutions.

Omeo is conceptualized with the aim of Being Confident and Comfortable about yourself to be on the path of being “Be-You-Tiful”

B Jain Pharmaceuticals believes that Trust and Dependability are the heart and soul of its foundation and is focused on bringing the best of the best for its patrons.

B Jain offer wide range of Mother Tincture, Liquid dilution, LM potency, Biochemic & Bio-combination remedies, Trituration, 1X Tablets, globules, Speciality products, remedy kit and personal care products.

The quality control department is a modern laboratory, equipped with the advanced equipment and experienced chemists. This high quality plant is B JAIN’s gift to the homeopathic fraternity of which B JAIN has been the part for more than 50 years. Dr. P.N Jain had dreamt to make homeopathy a household name in India and B JAIN is working towards making his dream a reality.