BJain Homeopathic Remedy Kits Online

B Jain’s Homoeopathy Remedy Kits are sets of remedies combined in different groups as the most suitable remedies for a targeted user.

We have various kits designed for different purposes such as:

  1. First Aid Kit consisting of 14 remedies including medicines for sudden injuries, shock and pain along with ointments, cream and spray for the same.
  2. Family Kit consisting of 11 important remedies for day to day complaints at home for the entire family.
  3. Essential Kit in 2 packing’s of 3.5g and 6g vials of 36 most important remedies.
  4. Doctor’s Kit consisting of 60 most commonly used remedies by the Physician in their practice.
  5. Dynamis Professional Remedy Kit: This kit of 191 remedies was designed by Jeremy Sherr who founded the Dynamis School of Advanced Homoeopathic Studies in 1986.

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