Bio Chemic/tissue Salts/ Schuessler Salts

Biochemic tablets are a leading unit of homeopathic medicines available over the counter. The biochemic range is the result of conclusions drawn by Dr Schussler. According to him, most diseases are the result of the disturbance in the quantity and activity of 12 tissue salts present intracellularly and extracellularly in our body. Biochemic tablets are easy to handle, safe & effective in use and are available in different range of 3x, 6x, 12x, 30x, and 200x potency in tablet form. The raw material used is HMS Lactose and tested inorganic salts. The continuous 1-hour batch trituration is done for each potency raised. The homeopathic biochemic tablets are formulated under hygienic conditions and followed Hahnemanian procedure under strict Homeopathy SOP guidelines. The range of Biochemic Medicines includes Calcarea Fluor., Calcarea Phos., Calcarea Sulph., Ferrum Phos., Kali Muriatica, Kali Phos., Kali Sulph., Magnesia Phos., Natrum Muriatica, Natrum Phos., Natrum Sulph. & Silicea. These medicines have no side effects, longer shelf life and are easy to prescribe.

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