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The advent of bio-chemic therapy in homoeopathy received huge applaud as triturated cell salts with specific indications and actions are easier to select as a remedy in comparison to selecting the exact simillimum from a wide range of potential remedies in any given condition, either acute or chronic. The twelve salts advocated by Dr. Schussler for bio-chemic therapy are:

Calcarea fluorica Calcarea phosphorica Calcarea sulphurica
Ferrum phosphorica Kalium muriaticum Kalium phosphorica
Kalium sulphurica Magnesia phosphorica Natrium muriaticum
Natrium phosphorica Natrium sulphurica Silicea

The above salts are combined in 3x or 6x as different formulations and incorporated for the treatment of the disease conditions produced by their deficiencies. Commercially a range of 28 formulations are available OTC as homoeopathic bio-combinations and are widely used for various health disorders.

1. BIO COMB NO -01 : For Iron deficiency Anaemia, emaciation with poor digestion.

2. BIO COMB NO -02 : Acts as a supportive medicine in asthma treatment.

3. BIO COMB NO -03 : Helpful in relieving colic in both children and adults.

4. BIO COMB NO -04 : Helps to relive constipation and abdominal distention.

5. BIO COMB NO -05 : Relieves coryza and associated complaints.

6. BIO COMB NO -06 : Relieves cough • Effectively controls cold and catarrh.

7. BIO COMB NO -07 : Helpful in treating the symptoms of diabetes.

8. BIO COMB NO -08 : Helps to control diarrhoea.

9. BIO COMB NO -09 : Helpful in the treatment of dysentery .

10. BIO COMB NO -10 : Acts as a supporting medicine in the treatment of enlarged tonsils

11. BIO COMB NO -11 : Helps in controlling the fever and associated complaints.

12. BIO COMB NO -12 : Helps in relieving headache due to congestion, mental exertion,indigestion and sun exposure.

13. BIO COMB NO -13 : Relieves weakness in females accompanied with abnormal vaginal discharge (leucorrhoea).

14. BIO COMB NO -14 : Helps to fasten the recovery from measles.

15. BIO COMB NO -15 : Helps in relieving menstrual troubles as a supportive medicine.

16. BIO COMB NO -16 : Useful to recover from the nervous exhaustion.

17. BIO COMB NO -17 : Helpful in the treatment of piles and haemorrhoids.

18. BIO COMB NO -18 : Relieves swelling in gums due to pyorrhoea

19. BIO COMB NO -19 : Useful in relieving rheumatism.

20. BIO COMB NO -20 : Acts as an effective adjunct in the treatment of skin diseases.

21. BIO COMB NO -21 : Helpful in relieving troubles during teething process

22. BIO COMB NO -22 : Relieves enlarged glands in scrofula.

23. BIO COMB NO -23 : Supportive remedy in the management of toothache

24. BIO COMB NO -24 : Servesas a tonic for nerves and brain.

25. BIO COMB NO -25 : Relieves acidity, flatulence and indigestion.

26. BIO COMB NO -26 : Regulates labour pains and promotes easy delivery.

27. BIO COMB NO-27 : Supportive medicine for lack of vitality.

28. BIO COMB NO -28 : Acts as a general restorative tonic.

All 28 bio-combinations are available in 25gm and 450gm.

Bjain, has given a tough competition to all other players owing to their firm belief in providing consistent quality at best prices to the consumers i.e. the homoeopathic doctors and their patients. Using best quality HMS grade lactose and genuine pharmaceutical grade chemicals, our biochemic range is manufactured, which undergoes strict quality checks for physical, chemical and microbiological standards before being released in market. Our tablets are soft dissolving with 10-20 seconds dissolution time for the entire bio-chemic range.

Bio-Combination also known as Tissue remedies, Schussler’s Tissue remedies or Cell salts refers to a system of medicine evolved by Dr Schussler. According to Dr Schussler insufficiency of these organic salts in the tissues/cells of the body causes loss of physiologic balance leading to pathological symptoms and administration of these deficient salts can reestablish the requisite equilibrium move the thus relieving the symptoms. Speciality of B. Jain Bio-chemic Tablets Prepared as per Hahnemannian method of trituration Complete one hour batch trituration Pure HMS Lactose used as base Soft & easily dissolving tablets Packed in Easy to hold & dispense containers, with minimum chances of contamination. The procedure followed assures reproducible quality of each tablet. Click here to shop – Homeopathic Medicines Online.

Potencies available: 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X & 200X

Pack sizes: 25g & 450g.

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