1x Tablets
The law of infinitesimal dose states the use of minimum possible dose for gentle, effective and complete cure.for which the process of Dynamisation was instructed by master Hahnemann. The process of dynamisation is a journey of drug substance from a crude material to its dynamic form, unleashing it’s curative properties.The first step of this process is obtaining Mother Tincture of drug substances using strong alcohol as a vehicle, by the process of extraction in old method and by the process of maceration and percolation in the new method. In old method of preparing mother tinctures the drug strength used to vary with variation in solubility of drug substances used. To overcome this inconsistency of drug strength, Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of United States in 1941, barring a few exceptions prescribed a uniform standard of 10% drug strength for most medicinal preparations. This implies that the tincture contains 1/10th part of medicinal substance i.e. a drug strength of 1/10, which corresponds to “1x” trituration.

So 1x is the drug strength of mother tincture or first decimal potency obtained from trituration. Mother tinctures are commonly used in homoeopathic practice, hence they are now available in tablet forms as well which involves a careful procedure of distillation of mother tinctures, powder formation using HMS grade Lactose and compression to tablet forms. At Bjain the promise of quality deliverance is kept diligently for which raw materials used are of purest grade , the equipments are of best quality and in-process quality check is maintained for all procedures. In 1x tablet range we have:

Azadirachta Indica: For generalized itching without any eruptions on body. Skin affections such as ulcers, eczema etc. Improves appetite and regularizes bowel movement.
Bacopa monneiri : Used as a brain tonic for absent-mindedness. Reduces learning time. Affections of nervous system , neuralgia.
Echinacea angustifolia: Recurrent boils and carbuncles. Skin irritation from poisonous plants and insect bites. Lymphatics enlarged, foul discharges with debility.
Ginkgo biloba: Improves cerebral blood flow, increases mental capacity for solving problems. Beneficial in Alzheimer’s disease and general lameness.
Ginseng: Relieves fatigue, mental and physical exhaustion from overwork.
Glycerrhiza glabra: Cough,Bronchitis.
Hypericum perforatum: excellent for injuries to nerves. Neuritis, tingling, burning and numbness. Acts on rectum , relieves haemorrhoids.
Phytolacca berry: Reduces fat, also useful for Breast tumour.
Syzygium jambolanum: increased amount of glucose in blood and urine.
Baptisia tinctoria: For typhoid fever.
Holarrhena antidysentrica: useful in diarrhoea and dysentery.
Rauvolfia serpentina: Helps in management of high Blood Pressure.

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