Homeopathy is based on the law “similia similibus curantur” i.e. like cures like. The symptoms produced by a drug in a healthy human being will be cured when the same drug (in potentised form) is given to sick persons with same symptoms. All homeopathic medicines are made from various natural ingredients. These ingredients undergo a unique process of “potentization” where they are repeatedly diluted and succussed i.e. given firm strokes in a specified number or are triturated in mortar and pestle through a process known as Trituration. Homeopathy has successfully been used in the treatment of acute as well as chronic cases and even critical disease condition. B. Jain has a whole cavalry of powerful homeopathic formulation for a variety of diseases like allergies, constipation, piles, mouth ulcer, acidity, flu, injury relief, and dentition. We are best in quality manufacturer treating these diseases in the form of Tablets.

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