Visit at B Jain Pharmaceutical’s Bhiwadi Plant by Esteemed Homoeopathic Doctors from Jaipur

Visit at B Jain Pharmaceutical’s Bhiwadi Plant by Esteemed Homoeopathic Doctors from Jaipur

A memorable day for B Jain Pharmaceuticals was marked on the 30th of April 2022 as esteemed doctors from the field of Homoeopathy visited their Bhiwadi Plant. The best of Doctors from Jaipur, Rajasthan were invited for a visit around their prestigious Homoeopathic Medicine Manufacturing Plant in RIICO Industrial area of Alwar District where their various medicines are made using the best quality ingredients.

B Jain is a well-known name in Homoeopathy, having served for more than 50 years towards this wonderful science. Their prime focus since the beginning has been to serve the Homoeopathic community-be it the doctors, patients or lovers of homoeopathy and knowledge seekers. The same emotion is carried forward and is very visible at their manufacturing plant as well.

Doctors from Jaipur were shown around the plant and taken through the steps of manufacturing that B Jain Pharmaceuticals follows. The cGMP norms start at the Entry point itself with double door entry, cross over benches and full gowning in place before one can enter the premises. There is also separate entryway for man and material to maintain the flow of work. All Raw Material reaching the plant is first tested by the Quality Check department and only then allowed entry inside. The storage space is ample in the factory with one floor dedicated entirely to just the storage of Packaging material.

Each area of the factory is accessible only by certain personnel who have card keys that allow them to enter the designated region. This prevents cross contamination and also maintains continuous work flow. Each door is manned by pressure monitors. The filling region can only be accessed through clean room which is complete with hepa filters, epoxy flooring and double gowning. This ensures that there is no contamination of the goods. Water sanitation is also maintained through an in-house DM water plant and 24 hours’ circulation through UV filters at various points of flow to prevent stagnation and microbial growth.

The doctors were first shown the bottle washing area which is a delight to watch since it made them confident of the level of sanitation that is followed by the plant. All glass bottles are washed by pressure hydraulics and then kept for drying in drying chambers with high capacity. Next was the Mother tincture section which had various mother tinctures under the process of maceration– the authentic principle of Homoeopathy being followed for 21days as was dictated by the master Dr Samuel Hahnemann himself. There were also Hydraulic presses and Whatman membrane filter papers to complete the process with the same traditional methods. To add to this, B Jain Pharmaceuticals follows a unique method of optimization of the mother tinctures by making them undergo an individualized timeline of ageing to bring out the best therapeutic qualities of the tinctures.

The dilution section was next which is empowered by a digital machinery known as the K tronics machine which ensures that succussions are even and accurate each time. This avoids chances of manual error and also the machine can self-calibrate itself to consistently provide 99.6% accuracy. B Jain Pharmaceuticals was one of the first few Homoeopathic companies to empower itself with such advanced machinery that provides accurate results. Each step of the processes was accompanied by the Batch Manufacturing Record which contained detailed information of the method as well as of the staff members involved in it. This ensures transparency and traceability at each step of the way.

The doctors then tested some tablets from the Tablet section and were impressed with the Dissolution time and acknowledged that it was of the best quality that they had ever tried. This was again because authentic principles of trituration using original mortar and pestle are followed to manufacture the biochemics, biocombinations and 1x tablets. They also enquired about the syrup and drops making machines and the cleaning protocol of the equipment after each batch is completed in all the sections.

They then inspected the original herbs in the Quality Check department and were surprised to find all the original sources of accepted material authenticating that all back potencies were indeed made in house. It also ensured the cross checking of all new batches made to match the standards of the original one ensuring consistency in quality each time. The Quality Assurance department works as another pillar of assurance towards the safety of these medicines.

The globules section was spick and span with cleanliness being one of the core benchmarks set by the management.

The visitors also witnessed and marveled the busy and bustling dispatch area with dedicated areas for online shipping and daily order dispatches in place. All this is of course possible because of the incredible manpower who are qualified and trained regularly to leave nothing to chance. They remain motivated to perform better each day under the guidance of their Managing Direction, Mr. Nishant Jain who also took out the time to visit and interact with all the doctors and visitors at the plant making it an extra special visit as they got a chance to ask their queries directly from the experienced and zealous member of the family legacy.

After receiving small tokens to make the visit memorable and a scrumptious meal, the doctors left with smiles on their faces and a renewed zest for Homoeopathy.

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