LM Potency
Our master Dr. Hahnemann was a legendary scientist who dedicated his entire life serving the suffering humanity and “dared to be wise “ at every obstacles he faced in curing and restoring the sick to Health.

During homoeopathic treatment of both acute and chronic cases the obstacle he faced was his own previous dictum on the mode of employment of remedies.( § 245, 5th edition of Organon), where he has instructed to wait for the medicine to exhaust it’s action before repetition of same or other remedy. But this practice resulted in either a very slow pace of recovery or at times unwanted medicinal aggravation in case of frequently repeated small doses. This led him to the innovation of 50 millesimal or LM potency, an ultra dilution which can be frequently repeated without adversely aggravating the morbid condition of the sick.

He explained the procedure of making LM potency in § 270 of 6th edition of Organon where he instructs to dynamize one grain of drug substance though trituration for 3 hours with 3 times using 100 grains of sugar of milk each time to attain 1 millionth drug power in powder form. This powder form is converted to solution by mixing 1 grain of this powder in 500 drops of solvent which contains 1 part of alcohol and 4 parts of distilled water. This gives the “mother solution “ for LM potency.

Now 1 drop of this solution is put in a vial and 100 drops of pure alcohol are added to it and given 100 strong succussions with the hand against a hard but elastic body. With this we get first degree of dynamisation and 500 small globules( size 10) are moistened by 1 drop of this dilution and quickly spread on a blotting paper to dry. These globules are kept in a well corked vial and marked as LM 1 or 0/1 or 1st 50 millesimal potency. For 2nd level of dynamisation only 1 globule from LM 1 is taken and dissolved in 1 drop of distilled water then 100 drops of alcohol are added and dynamized similarly with 100 succussions . 500 small globules are moistened with 1 drop of this dilution and quickly dried on a blotting paper and secured in a vial marked LM 2 or 0/2.

So we see that starting from the mother solution every time the previous solution is dynamised in 100 drops of alcohol and by taking only 1 drop to moisten 500 globules , it is fractionalised to 1/100˟500.

So ultra minute dose of a highly potentised drug is developed which can be safely repeated to attain highest ideal of cure i.e. rapid ,gentle and permanent cure in the shortest duration and most harmless way.

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