Popularity of Homoeopathy in India

Popularity of Homoeopathy in India

Homoeopathy has been evolving rapidly- the growing number of homoeopathy medicines bought and the large number of homoeopathic online stores available are proof of the same. In India, Homeopathy is the third most practiced system of Medicine after Allopathy and Ayurveda, to put it in numbers 10% of the Indian population depends solely on Homoeopathy for its health issues.

There are various reasons why Homoeopathy is so popular in countries like India and is set to gain more acknowledgement, some of these are:

  • Affordability:

Homoeopathy is a very affordable system as the medicine costing is relatively low and inexpensive for a population of various socio economic groups such as in India. This makes healthcare easily accessible to the public and reduces a great burden on the system. Acute poverty and a lack of facilities is a major reason for the rural population in India to succumb to curable diseases, a knowledge of medicine and hygiene in general makes the average homoeopath influential and capable of solving many grass root level health issues.

  • Accessibility:

India is one of the few countries in the world to have such an elaborate education system in the field of Homoeopathy. There are more than 150 colleges in India offering the graduate degree of BHMS and more than 10 colleges offering MD in various Homoeopathy subjects. This makes it a country more welcome to Homoeopathy practitioners who are given status and respect similar to allopathy practitioners unlike other countries. Patients are hence more likely to approach a Homoeopath solely on the basis of availability in India than any other country in the world.

  • Unprejudiced Patients:

Although there are many critics of Homoeopathy, traditional societal system and acceptance to home remedies, make India’s patients more open to a different system of medicine without them looking for unnecessary explanations and rationalizations. Patients in India look for a cure more than a reason for the disease, making them open to treatments that help instead of trying to decipher the how of it.

  • Gentle and Safe:

Homoeopathy is widely accepted as a system with almost no side effects and one that brings cure in a gentle and safe way. This makes it a medicine of choice for children and elderly and anyone in general who wants to avoid the body being burdened by the strength of allopathic medicines and their absorption and elimination from the body.

  • Empathy:

Homoeopaths are trained to give more time and attention to their patient by taking a detailed case history to find the correct remedy. This not only builds a rapport with the but also makes them more empathetic towards the suffering of the patient and hence a better understanding of the progression of the disease being towards cure or not. When compared to a system that prohibits the Doctor from making emotional decisions, Homoeopathy gets favored by patients who feel that their usual doctor is not involved or bothered enough about their ailments.

  • Government Support:

India has a dedicated ministry to Alternative medicine- Ministry of AYUSH which is responsible for the promotion of the systems of Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy. In fact, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has been instrumental in promoting these systems and had encouraged the public to follow AYUSH Ministry tips to boost immunity during the pandemic. Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation was famously quoted for stating- “Homoeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer, more economical and most complete medical science”

When leaders of a nation promote a system, it is bound to get encouragement.

Homeopathy medicines are hence bound to be seen more on counters and are slowly but steadily making their way into the homes of India’s population. It is no doubt that this system of Medicine will be gaining more and more recognition in the future especially in times when nature is recognized to be the greatest force and Homeopathy works in sync with it by believing that the Physician is only Nature’s assistant.

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